It’s just like a PBS pledge drive. But for a YouTube kids’ science show.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how awesome it is. Funding is difficult. That’s why I’m always intrigued by folks finding different ways to raise capital to bring their dreams to life. So I was super excited to see my favorite kids’ science show—The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey—looking to our community to help support the next season of production.

Think Martha Stewart + Bill Nye the Science Guy…but with a little extra flavor 😉

There are more than 50 million kids in my target age demographic and I haven’t even met, like, a full percent of them yet. When I do, they’ll have YOU to thank for helping bring science to life.

Successfully completing this campaign would mean being one step closer to bring accessibility, inclusivity, and representation to STEM.

Fore more information or to contribute to the cause, visit The Fab Lab on iFundWomen.