A nostalgic Beer and Blog: It’s like a high school reunion but for Portland startup and open source types

If you were part of the Portland startup or open source community a decade ago—or if you were a startup type who visited Portland during that time period—you probably had the chance to attend Beer and Blog once or twice. If you weren’t around Portland then, you’ve no doubt heard me wax nostalgic dozens of times about the event, a weekly happy hour that served as the point of connection for our fledgling community.

At its height, it was an event that would draw hundreds of folks to the Green Dragon (now Rogue Eastside Pub) on any given Friday. Enabling folks to catch up, share ideas, and meet other folks in the community. It was one of those “visit Portland on Friday and come to Beer and Blog so you can meet everyone” sorts of things.

Quintessential was an understatement.

But all good things come to an end. And so did Beer and Blog. As the community grew. As the companies grew from small teams to massive organizations with their own social calendars. And as bonds formed among community members. So did the necessity for a weekly happy hour start to fade away.

Still, it’s always nice to revel in that nostalgia. So given that a lot of the original Beer and Blog attendees are in town for OSCON, Dawn Foster—a longtime mainstay of the event—thought it would be a good idea to have a Beer and Blog, this week.

And so that’s happening.

Granted, it will be at a different location, Loyal Legion. But that won’t shake those early adopters of Beer and Blog, who will remember that it started as a small group of folks at Lucky Lab Hawthorne and tended to bounce around the eastside before it settled at the Green Dragon.

See? I told you. Nostalgia.


Hope to see you, Friday. Around 4:00PM. I’m sure your letter sweater or jacket still fits.

For more information, visit Beer and Blog on Calagator.