Hair Nah. Momo Pixel’s Momoland? Yes, please

So remember a few months back… that Portland indie video game that blew up? You know, the one where you play a black woman swatting folks away from uninvitedly touching your hair? No. You got that right. The whitest city in the United States was home to the launch of one of the most viral games of 2017. Which just happened to be one that focused on a common and annoying plight of black women.

Well you didn’t think creator Momo Pixel was going to stop there, did you? In a word: Nah.

You see, Momo Pixel is taking her indie game sensation to a whole new level. Releasing Hair Nah as a cabinet video game—with a lot of other trappings to surround the launch. And where better to launch that sort of thing than Portland’s iconic Ground Kontrol?


Hair Nah will be re-envisioned as a playable arcade game with its own custom cabinet. The online game has been featured in CNN, Rolling Stone,Teen Vogue, Vice UK, Buzzfeed, and many many more.

An AR game will be created that asks attendees to find the hidden treasures of Momoland using their phone.

Sound interesting? You bet it does. And you can be part of it. By helping Momoland come to life. But if that’s beyond your means, hopefully you’ll still be able to attend on September 6, 2018.

[Full disclosure: PIE is a sponsor of this event. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. And a general fan boi of Momo Pixel.]