Thank you so much to all of you generous patrons. And to Stoel Rives for kindly hosting a celebration.

When I started mucking around with Patreon, I thought it might be good to test all of the functionality. Like different patron levels. And setting a goal.

With that goal, it made the most sense to make it something high. Something that we’d likely never reach. And then I thought that I might as well up the ante. By creating a reward for that goal that folks knew would make me uncomfortable.

You know, like something social. Just for fun. We’re never going to get there anyway. So what’s the harm, right?

Welp. That didn’t go exactly to plan. We hit that number. Way more quickly than I expected. But I’m holding to my promise. And with the help of Stoel Rives, it will be even better than just an opportunity to watch me awkwardly navigate a social environment. You’ll have refreshments and food in which to partake while watching the entertainment.

So I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you generous patrons next week. And if you’re worried you’re missing out, you can kick in a buck and join the festivities.