Who better to host a happy hour than Happy Startup School?

It’s always nice to have startup friends from around the world swing by Portland. And it’s even nicer when Portland takes the opportunity to meet up with them. Which is what I would suggest that you do with the Happy Startup School crew who is stopping by Portland en route to Mt Hood.

Hosted by the founders of the Happy Startup School (who are visiting Portland for a few days from the UK before heading to Mount Hood for their 2nd Alptitude founders retreat), Laurence and Carlos have built up a global community of more than 150,000 budding entrepreneurs, founders and leaders that believe there’s more to life and business than making money alone. Through their game-changing camps and retreats, popular blog and online courses and community, they’ve helped thousands of people take the happier path to running their own business or finding more meaningful work that aligns with their values.

See what I mean? They seem pretty darn Portlandy already.

So why not take the opportunity to hang out with them on Thursday, October 11, 2018, at 5:00PM at the new Tilt on the eastside right by Burnside Skate Park. (Wait. There’s a Tilt on the eastside?) It should be a great gathering of thoughtful folks. Both from Portland. And from beyond.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Happy Startup School Ideas Café: Building Your Tribe.