Building products is fun. Building companies is hard. Accelerate Oregon could help.

One of the consistent Portland themes I always mention is the concept of “accidental entrepreneurship.” By that I mean, the innumerable creative folks in town who were inspired to build something to solve a problem they had simply for the sake of solving it. And then someone or someones said, “Hey, I’d pay for that.” And suddenly, they’re a startup.

But building a product and building a company couldn’t be more distinct or unique pursuits. Each requiring its own special sets of skills in order to be successful. So in a town of brilliant product people, some brilliant business process people can be hugely impactful. Especially when they’re offering to do that work for free.

Like the Accelerate Oregon project.

Get $25k of *FREE* technology consulting to unlock your business’s hidden potential. How much value would that create? 5X? 10X?

What kind of businessy process ideas might be worthy? Well, the company offering to do the work has done things like:

  • An inventory forecasting tool which identified overstocked products and helped the client reduce their inventory levels by over $1MM
  • A sales history analyzer that identified customers whose purchase volume had substantially declined, allowing the client to dramatically increase sales by targeting these accounts
  • A tool to monitor and create reports for brand & client news which drastically reduced staff time on what had previously been a manual process for a PR client

So if you’re a growing company with 20-200 employees, $5-$50 million in revenue, a project idea, and executive sponsorship for the idea, you may qualify to get a similar solution.

But you better hurry. Applications close on October 31, 2018.

For more information, visit Accelerate Oregon.