REMINDER: Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0, tonight

Looking for something to do, this evening? Well, if you’re a founder or investor, you’re in luck. Because it’s time for the monthly Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0 brought to you by Startup Haven.

If you are new to these member-only events, Founders Dinner & Startup Poker 2.0 have been running continuously for more than a decade an in six cities. If you are a venture scale startup founder, C-level exec or investor, then you can apply for membership at http://startuphaven.com/applyhttp://startuphaven.com/apply

The event is free to attend and begins at 5:30PM. Location details will be shared with you once your application has been accepted.

For more information or to get more of a heads up about these events (sorry!), visit Startup Haven.