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REMINDER: Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0, tonight

Looking for something to do, this evening? Well, if you’re a founder or investor, you’re in luck. Because it’s time for the monthly Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0 brought to you by Startup Haven.

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Portland Startup Poker 2.0: There are worse things than losing at cards

It’s summer. Which means good speakers are hard to come by. Luckily, there are still plenty of crappy speakers to go around. Like me. So I’ll be stepping up to say a few words before the cards are dealt and the chips fly at the next Portland Startup Poker 2.0.

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Something new in the cards: Portland Startup Poker 2.0

There are any number of opportunities in the Portland startup scene for people to pitch or geek out or present. But the pure social events are often few and far between. So, it’s nice to see new additions in that regard. Here’s one: If you’re into the cards and low-impact socializing, Portland has launched a Startup Poker 2.0 group. Read More

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