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There’s a new pre-Seed fund in the Pacific Northwest. Meet Startup Haven Venture Fund.

In order to sustain a vibrant startup investor ecosystem, funds need to start, find success, and raise more funds. And should that success cause them to grow beyond their previous stage focus, then new funds need to start to backfill the gaps. So as many of the early stage funds in the Pacific Northwest achieve success and move downstream to Seed and Series A investments, it’s nice to see new funds stepping up to take the opportunity to support pre-Seed startups. Like the new Startup Haven Venture Fund.

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Starting a company is hard. That’s why founders need a Startup Haven.

Sometimes, you just need to be around folks who get your struggle. Other founders who are trying to build businesses. Peers who can provide both insights and a friendly ear. That’s part of the motivation behind Startup Haven, a series of founder only events, that kicks off 2019, this Thursday in Portland.

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