PIE Demo Day 2019: Watch from the comfort of your Web browser

After a blistering January of blogging, it’s gotten a little quiet around these parts. I apologize. But rest assured, it’s not you, Portland. It’s me. I’ve been heads down working with the PIE and PIE Shop startups on their PIE Demo Day 2019 pitches. And I’ve been working with my Startup Champions Network peers on the Startup Champions Summit. And, of course, working on Portland Startup Week 2019. All of which has made it super quiet around here. Mea culpa.

But if you want a little glimpse of all of the amazing folks with whom I get to work on a daily basis — and an understanding of why their incredible pursuits take precedence over my babble around here — please keep this tab open so that you can join us for PIE Demo Day 2019.

And since it’s International Women’s Day, I think it’s only fair to mention that PIE’s women CEO’s have been killing it at pitch practice. Just sayin’.