Being a founder is hard — even more so for founders from traditionally underrepresented groups. So… are you taking care of yourself?

We’ve all heard — and perhaps even subscribed to — the mythology about starting a company. You come up with an idea. Someone recognizes your genius. They give you a bunch of money to build it. And then, before you know it, you’re wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

How many of you founders have actually experienced that path to building a business? Show of hands. I’ll wait.

Right. None of you. Because being a founder is hard. It’s lonely, depressing, and soul crushing. It’s a pursuit that causes even the strongest of egos to wind up in fetal position on a regular basis.

To survive, founders need to prioritize self care. But what does self care regimen entail? That’s what Anthony Ware is working to quantify with his survey for underestimated (traditionally underrepresented) founders.

If you have five minutes and you identify as LGBTQ+, a woman, and/or person of color, please take a few moments to complete this survey before July 10, 2019.