Another day, another founder survey: As an entrepreneur how do you give back to community?

In my experience, Portland founders are pretty good at giving back. Through volunteer work. Or donations. Or participating in organizations like Business for a Better Portland. But like so many things Portland, the measurement of that participation is largely anecdotal. That’s why it’s nice to see a survey working to capture more details and metrics on this behavior.

In partnership with New Economy Initiative (NEI) and Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), we are conducting research on how business entrepreneurs engage and give back to their communities. As an entrepreneur, we would love to hear from you so we can represent the perspective and voice of today’s entrepreneurs in our report.

It would be awesome to see a bunch of Portland responses to this effort.

If you’re interested in participating, please set aside around 15 min. Then, you can take the screener survey to see if you qualify for the longer survey.