In my best Sally Struthers voice: Are you a founder who has had difficulty accessing capital in Oregon? Sure. We all have.

If you’ve been paying attention to politics, congratulations. There’s a lot to be tracking at the moment. A lot. Which is why I wanted to take the opportunity to remind folks that — even if you’ve been keeping tabs on what’s happening — you may have missed that the Oregon startup community has a time sensitive request for you.

Even though it’s a short session this time around, Business for a Better Portland has been leading efforts to get a funding bill across the finish line.

It’s called House Bill 4033.

… which if passed would establish a “community lender loan loss account program,” designed with input from the kinds of lenders that already reach women- and minority-owned businesses. Yesterday the Oregon House of Representatives held its first hearing on the bill, putting it on the path to a vote during the state’s 2020 legislative session, which is just five weeks along.

Cool? Cool. Here’s where you come in. Because lobbying and whatnot during the short session can be, at best, difficult, the folks shepherding the bill are asking all founders, small business owners, and startup friendly types in Oregon to submit letters in favor of the bill to the committee.

Want to help but not sure what to say? No worries. There’s a template for you.

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. More funding for more entrepreneurs has a trickle down effect of helping the entire state of Oregon. Both economically and otherwise.

Please send your letter at your earliest convenience. Ideally, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your letter before 10:00AM on Monday, February 10, 2020.

And for those of you still scratching your head about the headline…