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Season of giving: Supporting Business for a Better Portland’s annual Street Roots support campaign

It’s drawing near the end of the year. And it’s holiday season. Which means it’s time for what has become another tradition: Business for a Better Portland‘s annual Street Roots support campaign. And this year — with less foot traffic on the city sidewalks — it’s more important than ever.

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In my best Sally Struthers voice: Are you a founder who has had difficulty accessing capital in Oregon? Sure. We all have.

If you’ve been paying attention to politics, congratulations. There’s a lot to be tracking at the moment. A lot. Which is why I wanted to take the opportunity to remind folks that — even if you’ve been keeping tabs on what’s happening — you may have missed that the Oregon startup community has a time sensitive request for you.

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Celebrating the collaboration of government and industry with Business for a Better Portland

Portland is always said to be an incredibly collaborative place. With all kinds of organizations designed to foster that collaboration. But until recently, we didn’t really seem to have an organization that facilitated collaboration among startups and government. Until Business for a Better Portland came along.

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Interested in interns? Portland’s Emerging Leaders will help connect you to talent

Speaking of interns… the Emerging Leaders Internship offers a compelling opportunity to source talented interns for your organization. That’s why Business for a Better Portland is encouraging local companies to participate in the program again this year. But you have to hurry because applications close soon.

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REMINDER: PICOC, Street Roots, and Welcome Home Coalition host a friendraiser, March 14

At the beginning of the year, local startup founders announced the formation of the Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce (PICOC), a collection of folks harnessing their collective energy to raise the visibility of issues affecting our community. On March 14, they’ll be gathering to do just that as they join with Street Roots and Welcome Home Coalition to host a discussion about homelessness. And you’re invited. Read More

Civics as startup: Local startup founders form Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce

I don’t think I’m going to risk blowing anyone’s mind with the following statement: a number of our existing models for civic engagement are in dire need of a refresh. I know. Shocking. But it’s rare for startup minded types to spend time and energy on that sort of thing. Unless you’re in Portland. Read More