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Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus on Oregon small business

You know those times when you’re ridiculously busy — you mean everyday? says every entrepreneur — and you’ve convinced yourself that that thing you forgot to do was actually done. But it wasn’t. Yeah. That. I meant to share the details of a survey Built Oregon and our partners recently completed to help give folks a better understanding of the impact of this whole COVID-19 situation on local business. But I didn’t. So I am now.

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Is your startup impacted by COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus? Built Oregon wants to tell local and state governments

I know the headline seems like a rhetorical question. And I apologize. Clearly, we all have. But like so many things in Portland and Oregon, that impact is largely anecdotal at the moment. And nonprofit Built Oregon would like to help quantify it. So that officials at local and state government have a better understanding of the actual numbers of companies impacted.

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Effecting change entrepreneurially: PSU Elevating Impact Summit

For many startups, “changing the world” has very little to do with “getting rich quick.” But those messages are often lost in our unicorn chasing startup existence. That’s why it’s great to see events like the PSU Elevating Impact Summit highlighting those founders who are using their entrepreneurial drive to champion efforts with social impact. Read More