Seeking a solution for creating elegant documentation, collaboratively?

Speaking of collaborative documentation, another interesting startup just crossed my proverbial desk. Oh wait. It is actually a desk. No proverbs needed. Anyway, I just encountered another startup here in town that’s looking to simplify collaborative documentation. And it’s built an elegant and straightforward solution for it. Meet Portway.

In a world where we sometimes get used to tools being “good enough.” It’s always nice to find folks thinking about “making it even better.” In the same way that Notion struck me as a significant upgrade to the collaborative thinking behind Google Docs (nee Writely) — or heaven forbid Google Wave — so does Portway seem to be another interesting step in the right direction. (And not “interesting” like the construction of that last sentence was interesting. Better than that.)


In Portway, a seemingly simple and straightforward tool belies a feature rich offering that includes:

  • Fully collaborative documents. Nuff said.
  • Drag and drop. Drag files to the document or reorder your content.
  • Markdown. One of the most straightforward ways to classify and format content.
  • Media and fields. Add images, files, and other stuff.
  • Structured content. Want just a subset of your content? There you go.
  • Full REST API. Allowing developers the freedom of access to your data.

The initial offering is free for five users for a free 30 day trial. No credit card required. After that you can choose between a $10/month solo plan or a $50/month team plan. For every user over five folks, add another $10/month. So you won’t even need a calculator.

Interested in learning more or trying it out for yourself? Visit Portway.