Portland startup Edify begins beta testing its employee onboarding bot

For many fast growing tech companies, bringing on new employees — and ensuring they have the information they need — can be challenging. That’s why there are experts in “employee onboarding.” And that expertise has proven to be an incredibly effective way of ensure new folks feel welcome and engaged.

With the onset of the pandemic and a completely work from home world, that ability to effectively onboard folks got even more challenging. And that made the work that Portland startup Edify was doing even more needed and necessary.

Many of you may remember Edify as a consultancy. Now, they’ve codified their work into a bot that can help shepherd your new hires into their new roles.

Edify was born out of frustration and the intuition that engineering onboarding didn’t have to be so bad. Since 2014, Edify has been building “analog” engineering onboarding programs, but our founder Kristen found that even after just one year, teams had fallen back to their old habits and that documentation had gone stale. It was frustrating to watch these teams struggle, and Kristen knew there had to be a better way.

Without getting too gushy about it, we’re so, incredibly, crazy excited to tell you that we have finally opened the beta waitlist! We are launching to a very small set of customers on August 17th, and if you’re hiring engineers in August and want to try Edify, you can grab time for a demo here! We would be honored to show you how Edify works and how we can make your life as a manager easier, your new hire’s lives more awesome, and your team’s productivity more, well, productive!

So if you’re struggling with onboarding or simply feel like you could be doing a better job of bringing new employees into your company and culture, you should consider applying for the Edify beta.

For more, visit Edify.

[Full disvlosure: Edify is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]