Need help talking finances with the family? That’s the startup idea for day 13 of 31 startups

For any number of reasons, discussing money and finances can be difficult. Even for family members. You’re all in it together but money just makes things… well, awkward. And so a little help might be in order. Which is what Mark Grimes is thinking for day 13 of 31 startups.

We chatted about stocks, bonds, cash, the how-to’s, the what-for’s, and the why-not’s. We talked about FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) and explored why they were good investments at the time, and what might make them sink or fly in the future. A pandemic did not enter into our dialogue. So teeming with sugar and black coffee it was a very energy-infused discussion. They asked a load of questions, and I, in turn, gave the best answers I could. Again, not a CFO.

Interested in holding your own meeting like this, check out the concept of Family Finance Meeting.