Workfrom founder Darren Buckner recognized with inaugural The Buildies Award

Remote work. You’re currently soaking in it. But it wasn’t always this way. Whether you can remember that or not. Prior to the pandemic, “remote work” in Portland was synonymous with one Portland startup, Workfrom. And this week, the founder of Workfrom, Darren Buckner, was recognized for his efforts to help the remote work community with the inaugural The Buildies Award in the Anywhere category.

“I predict knowledge workers will soon look much more like tiny autonomous businesses than the cog in the machine we’ve seen over the past many decades,” said Darren. “Each teammate will bring their own tools, processes, preferences, and even resources to help the larger mission—and as a result, companies will invest in making this easier. The decentralization of central control will lead to stronger team culture, faster innovation, and even more productivity gains in the work from anywhere era.”

Launched in December 2020, The Buildies are designed to recognize “the builder, the creators, the makers, and the doers.” Categories include Actually Helpful, Anywhere, Connector, Get Schooled, Mighty Keyboard, No Codebase, and Profitability.

For more — and winners across this and other categories — visit The Buildies.

[Full disclosure: Workfrom is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]