Testing a new way of fostering community discussion about Portland startups

We’ve got some great resources for the Portland startup community. There’s the Portland startups Slack, which is a great spot for quick questions or connecting with other folks. There’s the Portland startups Switchboard, a way of supporting one another in the community with Asks and Offers. But it feels like conversations about content, companies, and other startuppy stuff is still fragmented and distributed on a variety of social networks and platforms.

In the old days, there were blog comments. Which didn’t quite cut it because they were often relegated to discussing whatever topic the blogger had posted — not necessarily topics that others in the community wanted to discuss. But, that being said, there was also a distinct benefit to aggregating that activity in a publicly accessible place, instead of within a walled garden.

Which is why I’m intrigued by pe•ple, a sort of “blog comments meets discussion groups” offering that I’m test driving. If you’re interested in mucking around with it along with me, then let’s discuss it on the Silicon Florist pe•ple.