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Community question: Where does someone without tech skills start when it comes to building SaaS products?

As I mentioned last week, as part of an ongoing effort to help the Portland startup community be more helpful to the Portland startup community, I’m test driving a new way for folks to engage, converse, and collaborate called pe•ple. And I’ll plan on highlighting some of those conversations, here.

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Testing a new way of fostering community discussion about Portland startups

We’ve got some great resources for the Portland startup community. There’s the Portland startups Slack, which is a great spot for quick questions or connecting with other folks. There’s the Portland startups Switchboard, a way of supporting one another in the community with Asks and Offers. But it feels like conversations about content, companies, and other startuppy stuff is still fragmented and distributed on a variety of social networks and platforms.

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Need advice on startup people operations? Human.School can help

Startups can be hectic. And stressful. And unfortunately, that means that some very important things often get lost in the turmoil. Like culture. And managing your people and their professional growth. Worse yet, if you’re not taking care of those things early, they’re incredibly difficult to reverse engineer into your company later. That’s why, it’s great to see efforts like Human.School.

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