April showers bring May startup pitch competitions: TechfestNW is back

It seems like only yesterday that we were judging startups as part of the first full virtual TechfestNW, the annual destination event for startups and the startup curious, organized by Willamette Week. Because it was practically yesterday. But now, TFNW is back for a one day event in May 2021.

TechfestNW, Portland’s annual gathering of technology and business leaders, innovators, students, startups and investors, is happening again May 21—and this year, founders could walk away with $125,000 to get their startup off the ground.

This year, there’s a twist: TFNW organizers are partnering with Oregon Entrepreneurs Network to co-produce Angel Oregon Tech, an education program and investment event hosted by OEN to connect entrepreneurs with investors, mentors and founders.

For more information, visit TechfestNW.

[Full disclosure: I helped start TFNW way way back in the day. And I still provide advice to the organizers and participate in the event from time to time.]