Angel Oregon Tech announces TechfestNW pitch finalists

There’s a new wrinkle to TechfestNW, this year. No. It’s not the fact that they’ve gone virtual. This is the second year for that. It’s that they partnered with Oregon Entrepreneurs Network to bring Angel Oregon investors and educational opportunities to a wide variety of startups. From those participants, they selected ten finalists. And now we know who they are.

  • Carry a prenatal movement & meditation app full of tools to carry users through pregnancy, birth and beyond.  
  • Easeenet a tool that captures, organizes and preserves your digital estate in real time, so you don’t accidentally lock your family out of your online life when you’re gone. 
  • Eno like “FitBit for your brain,” Enophones are the perfect noise-cancelling headphones for deep work, using AI and neurosensing technology to improve focus. 
  • Lumina helps companies attract talent with compelling video job postings, created instantly from the job description. 
  • Neupeak Robotics offers an on-demand strawberry picking service for farmers with a fully autonomous robotic fleet. 
  • qChange helps cultivate leadership by coaching teams in real-time to have better meetings. 
  • Remotely Video automates the video post-production process with AI, making high-end Hollywood style tools accessible at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Rewire Neuro develops intelligent technologies to push forward biomedical research, improving the pace, ease, and reproducibility of research. 
  • What’s Open is a mission driven company that helps shoppers discover, engage, and shop at local independent businesses through a mobile app, currently available on IOS.

For more information, visit TechfestNW.

[Full disclosure: I helped start TFNW. And Carry is one of the current companies in PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]