Using Portland startup Subfund to give you more context on Portland startups

I always believe that the best way to understand a startup’s product is to actually use the startup’s product. I know. Call me crazy. So ever since I became aware of Portland’s Subfund, I’ve been scratching my head for ways to put it into practice. And apparently all of that head scratching shook something loose. Because I just came up with a new experiment.

Last week, news about Portland startup Brave Care’s $10M Series A had me remembering all sorts of trivial facts about cofounder Darius Monsef and his significant history within the Portland startup community.

And he’s not alone. After all of these years, there is a veritable cornucopia of random knowledge locked up there in my bag-of-cats brain 😹🧠😹 But what fun is all of that potential insight if it’s only accessible to me?

Absolutely no fun. That’s how much. None.

Interested in following along with my trivial facts — and getting little historical insights about Portland founders and the Portland startup community? Just subscribe on Subfund to join in. But it’s going to cost you.

What’s that? You have a more creative way to use Subfund? Well, I would love to see it. And promote it here on Silicon Florist. And since I’ve been given the ability to invite folks to the private beta, why don’t you grab a Subfund account of your own, fancy pants? And then maybe I’ll subscribe to your Subfund. Win win. (But please recognize that I can only invite you to the beta. You still have to be approved by Subfund. They’re not letting everyone in, yet.)

For more information on the service, visit Subfund.