Looking for an educational weekend activity? Hit The Oregon Trail

Oh man. It just starts the nostalgia bubbling, doesn’t it? Memories of clackety keyboards. Green screen computers. Carrying too much meat. Not to mention, dying of dysentery. All in the name of education. Of course, it’s The Oregon Trail game. And it’s recently had a refreshing reboot.

The Oregon Trail retains its retro heart but has modern touches, like the 3D environments that serve as the backdrop for your 2D pixelated pioneers—a nod to the past with an eye to the future….

There’s more beyond the main trail too. You’ll find fresh adventures in Journeys mode, including variants like the beginner-friendly Nature Trail and the challenging Oregon or Bust mode. No checkpoints? No problem!

Best of all? The update to the classic works to incorporate Indigenous and Black characters that were conspicuously absent from previous editions.

The game is free to try and is currently available on MacOS.

For more information or to install it, visit The Oregon Trail.