What a difference a decade makes: PDXWIT is turning 10

Arguably my favorite professional organization in town and the one organization I can name that has managed to sustain consistently exemplary programming throughout the ups and downs of the pandemic, PDXWIT — which started as a nonprofit organization to support Portland women in the technology industry — is turning ten years old.

And as part of that celebration, it only makes sense that they deserve a gift. That’s why the organization is looking to donors to help it hit a goal of $50,000 donated before the end of the year:

Throughout December, PDXWIT is hosting a series of events to celebrate the past decade while setting the stage for the future. The virtual #PDXWITturns10 fundraiser will run from November 30 (Giving Tuesday) through December 31, with the goal of raising $50,000. All funds will go toward the implementation and expansion of PDXWIT’s programming and services, including job readiness training, networking, creating direct connections between applicants and companies, personalized mentorship, coaching and scholarships.

There are some great rewards based on donation levels. But I think my favorite is the “Put your money where your diversity statement is” collection, including a tshirt, notebook, and stickers for each $100 donation.

“We are proud and humbled to be honoring a decade of involvement in the Portland community, but we also see this as just the beginning of what can be accomplished,” said Rihana Mungin, PDXWIT board of directors co-chair, in a press release. “PDXWIT has built a rapport over the last decade when it comes to equity, inclusion and diversity, and we are ready to lend that expertise to tech companies who are looking to define and implement their own DEI strategies.”

With all that the organization has accomplished in the last ten years, what’s in store for the next decade? Maybe including more than PDX as part of PDXWIT.

“With people more remote and distributed than ever, we need to ensure that PDXWIT can continue to be a resource for job seekers and those working in the industry,” said Elizabeth Stock, PDXWIT executive director. “This means extending our reach and impact beyond Portland, although our heart and history will continue to be firmly rooted here.”

For more information or to donate, visit PDXWIT.

[Full disclosure: PDXWIT served as mentors in residence for PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]