Looking to do more for nonprofits? Maybe you need a Field Day

I like to think of Portland as a philanthropic town. Lots of nonprofits. Lots of looking out for one another. And a few high net worth individuals and family offices giving back to causes they cherish. But what if you’re not ridiculously wealthy? What if you’re just an average company looking to do more for those around you…? For you, there’s Field Day.

Employers can leverage Field Day to accelerate community engagement, including discovery of volunteer activities, event coordination, and social impact tracking and reporting. The platform helps employers improve recruiting and retention by bringing employees together in their local communities, leading to powerful, data-supported social responsibility programs. Nonprofit organizations are partners in this venture, providing critical input while benefiting from increased visibility and connection to individuals and employers alike.

“Our inspiration to start Field Day came from our years at AWS Elemental, where we saw firsthand that effective social responsibility programming included the integration of community engagement into a culture through its employees, who benefited from the experience,” said Eli Blackman, cofounder and CEO of Field Day, an early employee of Elemental, which was cofounded by his brother Sam.

And the’ve got some fuel in the tank to do so. Field Day was funded by defy.vc, Voyager Capital, Cascade Seed Fund, and Angels.

“You don’t have to be a Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 with a corporate responsibility team,” Eli told the Portland Business Journal. “If it’s easier for smaller companies to get (a community engagement program) going and grow it with the organization, it lets it be a piece of the company culture from the beginning. It creates the flywheel of community engagement and connection between employers, the nonprofits and individuals.”

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