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Oregon economist: ‘What’s wrong with Portland? Nothing.’

Oregon state economist Josh Lehner is more optimistic about the next few years for the region. He spoke this week at Portland State University’s annual Harold G. Vatter Memorial Lecture about the future of the region’s economy. Here are four takeaways from his economic forecast.

Review: Playdate earns its $179 price tag with cute design, memorable games [Updated]

I hope you’ll come away knowing whether Playdate is your perfect boutique portable or whether you’d be happier investing $179 into something like a Raspberry Pi, an Analogue Pocket, or a Steam Deck.

‘Cash Is King’ As VC Spigot Slows

A year ago, startup founders often found themselves fought over by venture investors eager to grab a piece of any promising young company with fast growth potential. Investors competed in an increasingly heated environment in which they were often under pressure to close outsized deals in a matter of days. All told, venture capitalists spent a record $643 billion in 2021, almost double what they had the year before.

Advice for founders on my YC-company’s 3rd birthday

I don’t claim to have any of this figured out yet — I am only one founder with one vantage point, but here is what I have learned so far.

Volunteers: The Heartbeat of PDXWIT

I often find myself sharing the work we do here at PDXWIT with companies and organizations, and occasionally it comes up that we have three paid employees. Pretty consistently, I see the jaw of the person I am talking to drop. How do we manage our programming and build community all while holding dozens of events each year? What I tell them every time is that this work is possible because we have over 100 highly engaged, skilled, committed, creative volunteers.