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Stephen Green to take the helm of Business for a Better Portland… temporarily

Things change fast around here. It seems like just six months ago we were talking about Karin Power taking over the interim executive director role at Business for a Better Portland. But now, Karin has been pulled back into service at the state level by Oregon’s new governor Tina Kotek. So that’s where Stephen Green comes in. For the next 90 days, at least.

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Upon further review: Adding a Combined Statistical Area population lens to the VC investment analysis by Rise of the Rest

Yesterday, I shared a recent report by Rise of the Rest which illustrated the number of VC dollars from the Bay Area and New York City that were being invested elsewhere in the country. Portland did okay in the rankings. But something was gnawing at me. Like I needed some additional context. And suddenly it dawned on me this morning that that additional context might be the populations of the metropolitan areas that were highlighted — and what the per capita venture capital investments were.

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