Spring cleaning: Contribute to the open source Portland startup community resource cheat sheet

No single one of us is as smart as a bunch of us. That was my thinking when I originally threw together this cheat sheet on Github to help document resources in the Portland startup community. The idea was that it would make it easier for folks to understand what was happening in Portland, what organizations supported startup activity, and potentially serve as a way to finally capture and quantify the actual startup activity around these parts — that allowed everyone to contribute.

While it never achieved that vision, there’s still some valuable content on the cheat sheet. Including lists of community resources, coworking spaces, events, organizations, accelerators, investors, and startups.

But it admittedly gets pretty dusty and out of date pretty quickly. And so I’m just giving you a nudge to review it, share it, and contribute to it if you feel so motivated. Because spring cleaning. Or something. And stuff.

Feel motivated to give it a go…? Cool.

  • If you’re comfortable with Github, feel free to clone the repository and submit Pull Requests with your changes. I’ll work on merging them on a regular basis.
  • If you’re not familiar or comfortable with Github, the easiest way to engage is to submit Issues or participate in Discussions. Those are both pretty straightforward, so they should be accessible to everyone.

Hoping to discover some amazing resources that I didn’t know about. And looking forward to sharing your organizations, efforts, and startups with the folks who are looking to engage with the Portland startup community.

For more information, visit the Portland startup community resource cheat sheet on Github.