Interim no longer: Paige Hendrix Buckner is officially CEO of All Raise

A few months back, I shared that Portland’s Paige Hendrix Buckner had been named the interim CEO of All Raise, an organization focused on ensuring prosperity for all women, with a specific focus on how that applies to startups and venture capital financing. Well, now it’s official. Paige is the CEO of All Raise.

It’s with deep pride that I (officially) step into the role as All Raise’s Chief Executive Officer. Since joining the team a year ago today, I’ve supported every team member, worked with, or met volunteers from all corners of the country, collaborated closely with our Board of Directors, and deepened relationships with our partners.

According to TechCrunch:

Hendrix Buckner joined the organization, which supports women founders and funders, as chief of staff in early 2022 and stepped in as interim CEO in January following the resignation of former CEO Mandela S.H. Dixon. Prior to joining All Raise, Hendrix Buckner worked with Dixon at Founder Gym, an online training center for underrepresented founders.

For more, see the post from Paige, CEO of All Raise, and the post from Aileen Lee on behalf of the All Raise Board.

(h/t Josh Carter)