Portland’s Paxton raises $6M for legal research AI

I’ve been eagerly awaiting more AI startup pursuits in Portland. There’s been activity here and there but I haven’t found much. And then today, I happened upon Paxton AI thanks to their funding announcement, a $6 million Seed Round for their focus on AI applications for the legal industry.

To transform the legal research and composition process, we’ve raised a $6M seed round to speed development of Paxton. Our round is led by WVV Capital, with significant participation from Kyber Knight and 25Madison. Additional investors in this round include Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, Voyager Capital, Gaingels, Plug and Play Technology Center, Identity Ventures, and Dick Parsons, the former Chairman of Citi. Unlike its competitors, Paxton has three distinct advantages designed with lawyers in mind.

“We are tremendously excited to be part of the Paxton journey,” says Jason Franklin, Managing Director at WVV Capital, “Paxton is set to transform the way legal professionals work. Its potential to significantly cut down research time while enhancing accuracy is precisely why we’ve chosen to invest.”

For more, read the blog post from Paxton on this funding round.

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