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Urban Airship launches AirMail: Your iPhone push notifications just got a lot more interesting

Now, Portland-based Urban Airship has introduced a better option: AirMail, a new service that allows app developers to deliver rich push notifications to their users, simply and easily.

[HTML2]Apple Push Notification Service has changed the way that iPhone app developers communicate with their users—by enabling developers to remain in contact by sending messages directly from their applications. Not only does it keep the application in the user’s mind, it provides yet another way of improving the user experience.

But there’s one little problem with the whole push setup. You see, for all the beauty of the iPhone interface and the apps therein, push notifications are still simple text messages. And that might not always deliver the user experience developers want. Read More

AirMail: Portland takes the lead in MacBook Air accessories

Introduced at the MacWorld keynote on Tuesday, the MacBook Air is the new coveted toy serious work machine among the Apple faithful.

But how do you cart that darn thing around? I mean, one slip and it could be gone forever. Whisked away by the wind.

Don’t worry your pretty little head, you little Mac lover you.

Enter AirMail. The only MacBook Air carrying case you’ll ever need.

AirMail Manila folder notebook sleeve for MacBook Air

The brainchild of Portland’s own Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, AirMail promises to be the gift for your favorite spoiled Mac aficionado. Who probably already has every Apple product he or she could possibly ever want. Including a pre-order receipt for the MacBook Air.

Only $29.95. While supplies last. Act now!

(Hat tip Bram Pitoyo)