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Here, File File! Here file! Why are you so far away? C’mere file. Such a good file.

Here, File File! is a combination of a Mac OS X app and an iPhone app that work together to give you remote access to your desktop directly from your iPhone—all via Bonjour.

We’ve all been there. That one document. The one you really needed. No, not that one. Not the one you grabbed. The one you actually needed. Yeah, that one. The one sitting on your Mac’s desktop at home, while you sit miles away at a meeting needing to access it.

What if getting to that file was as easy as grabbing your iPhone, connecting up your Mac far far away, and grabbing the file? Well, now it is. Thanks to Portland-based Here, File File! Read More

Need a geeky activity this weekend? MacForce Summer Blast could be for you

Now, we all like to delve into the geeky stuff throughout the week. No doubt. But sometimes, we need even more geekiness over the weekend. You know, like camps, codesprints, coders socials, side project hacking, and the like. But what if you’re looking for some platform specific geekiness?

Well, you may be in luck my friend. The sixth annual MacForce Summer Blast is this Saturday. Read More

Verso-tile: The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) gains a Portland-based Mac fanatic

There are tons of great blogs around the Silicon Forest. And, by extension, that means we have a bunch of great bloggers. So it stands to reason that, every once in a while, one of those bloggers makes the leap from the farm leagues to the big show.

The latest to make the jump? Kelly “Verso” Guimont, who just got the call to join The Unofficial Apple Weblog—affectionately known as TUAW—as a new writer. Read More