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Top 10 Silicon Florist articles for 2021

It’s that time of year. Time to do the recaps. And the looking back. And figuring out what you’ve accomplished. And who was helpful to you in 2021. So it only makes sense that I take a brief look back to see what you, gentle reader, and your peers were interested in reading on Silicon Florist in the last year.

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Racism in tech: Sharing a few articles that may help inform your perspective

As folks think through how to disentangle and deconstruct systemic racism in many of our institutions, it comes as little surprise that the tech industry falls under similar scrutiny. Long a falsely held “meritocracy,” our largely white industry has any number deeply troubling racist dynamics to it, from its current demographics to its culture to its technology. And it’s going to take long term work — and constant dedication to that work — to address these issues and implement necessary changes.

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