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Pontificating on piracy and protecting intellectual property: If COICA and PROTECT IP are wrong, why not propose what’s right?

[Editor: Given the discussions swirling online today about artistic license, fair use, and protected intellectual property—specifically around a photo used in Andy Baio’s “Kind of Bloop” project—and the letter opposing PROTECT IP from 53 VCs, it seems only appropriate to post this guest post from Lynn Fredricks. ] Read More

As hoped, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon throws another COICA block. This time, it’s a hold on the PROTECT IP bill.

Oh Congress. Yes, you know on which side your bread is buttered. But you can’t seem to figure out how that whole Internet thing works.

I mean, that must be the case. Otherwise you wouldn’t continually propose bills like COICA. But you do. And that’s why I’m glad there’s a Senator from Oregon named Ron Wyden who works to stop your silliness. Read More

How many times can one man save the Internet? Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is ratcheting up quite a record

If you live in Oregon, you probably know the name Ron Wyden. The Democrat has remained a fixture in the US Senate for Oregon—and he show no signs of slowing.

But what you might not know is how damned hard the guy works to protect the Internet as we know it. So if you’re trying to build a business using the Internet, you like the Internet, or you’ve even heard of the Internet, you might want to thank Senator Wyden for his work. Even if it does mean that silly blogs like this one continue to exist. Read More

Al Gore may have invented the Information Superhighway, but Oregon Senator Ron Wyden just saved the Internet

COICA could be horrible for the Internet as a whole. And that’s why a single Senator is standing up against the bill. The senator? Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

[HTML3]While the Internet may not be a series of tubes or a big truck you can dump stuff on, it is a place where an awful lot of folks spend time and energy building businesses. And as such, one of the most hotly debated topic is the idea of copyright. And who owns what on the Web.

Enter the US government and the attempted legislation of said copyright, the “Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act” (COICA, S.3804). Problem is that—as usual—the devil is in the details. Read More