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Pontificating on piracy and protecting intellectual property: If COICA and PROTECT IP are wrong, why not propose what’s right?

[Editor: Given the discussions swirling online today about artistic license, fair use, and protected intellectual property—specifically around a photo used in Andy Baio’s “Kind of Bloop” project—and the letter opposing PROTECT IP from 53 VCs, it seems only appropriate to post this guest post from Lynn Fredricks. ] Read More

As hoped, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon throws another COICA block. This time, it’s a hold on the PROTECT IP bill.

Oh Congress. Yes, you know on which side your bread is buttered. But you can’t seem to figure out how that whole Internet thing works.

I mean, that must be the case. Otherwise you wouldn’t continually propose bills like COICA. But you do. And that’s why I’m glad there’s a Senator from Oregon named Ron Wyden who works to stop your silliness. Read More