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Meet the Startup: Portland’s next mayor

Given that it’s ballot day in Portland and we know you’ve been busy working on your startup, we thought we’d rerun the mayoral episodes of Meet the Startup.

That way, you get to meet the candidates and it serves as reminder to get your ballot submitted. Win win. Read More

Legislating Oregon’s entrepreneurial future: Oregon Investment Act, House Bill 4040

You might not realize it, but Oregon’s legislature is in the midst of determining the entrepreneurial future of our state, this week. Currently on the floor is Oregon House Bill 4040: The Oregon Investment Act which “Establishes Oregon Growth Fund and Oregon Growth Board to encourage investment in and availability of capital to Oregon businesses and to further economic development in Oregon.”

Problem is that the legislature adjourns on Wednesday. Read More

Meet the Startup: Chatting with Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith

Continuing our discussions with Portland mayoral candidates, we sit down today with Jefferson Smith. Folks know Jefferson as a born and bred Portlander, a member of the Oregon legislature, and a the founder of the Bus Project.

But there are a few things you might not know about Jefferson, including his view on the Portland startup community. Read More

Political party: Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady celebrates the Portland startup scene

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Given Portland’s aggressive humility, we often fail to do an adequate job of celebrating our startup successes. But that—happily—is beginning to change.

Now, mayoral candidate Eileen Brady would like to help the Portland startup scene celebrate. And you’re invited. Read More

Think Senator Ron Wyden is the only one who thinks SOPA sucks? Think again

Our Senator Ron Wyden is doing his part to stop SOPAthe incredibly inane bill that would cripple the Internet we know and love—but what can you, ordinary concerned citizen do?

Well, you can change your Twitter avatar to reflect your Stop SOPA leanings, for one thing. Read More

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon continues his stand against Internet censorship. And you can join him.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has a long history of standing up to legislation that affects the Internet. And we think that’s pretty cool. Especially since many of us have jobs and products and blogs because of his efforts.

Well—true to form—he’s standing up against another bill and he’d like to have you join him, by having your name read aloud on Capitol Hill as part of a filibuster. Read More

Pontificating on piracy and protecting intellectual property: If COICA and PROTECT IP are wrong, why not propose what’s right?

[Editor: Given the discussions swirling online today about artistic license, fair use, and protected intellectual property—specifically around a photo used in Andy Baio’s “Kind of Bloop” project—and the letter opposing PROTECT IP from 53 VCs, it seems only appropriate to post this guest post from Lynn Fredricks. ] Read More

How many times can one man save the Internet? Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is ratcheting up quite a record

If you live in Oregon, you probably know the name Ron Wyden. The Democrat has remained a fixture in the US Senate for Oregon—and he show no signs of slowing.

But what you might not know is how damned hard the guy works to protect the Internet as we know it. So if you’re trying to build a business using the Internet, you like the Internet, or you’ve even heard of the Internet, you might want to thank Senator Wyden for his work. Even if it does mean that silly blogs like this one continue to exist. Read More

Governor of social media: What Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn say about the Oregon 2010 gubernatorial candidates

we took a look at the candidates way early in the Oregon governor’s race. But how have things changed since then? Well, let’s take a look at how the front runners are faring especially in regards to social media

[HTML1]Now, there are any number of folks who will tell you that number of followers or fans on social networks—like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, for example—does not to equate to much of anything. And for the most part, I would agree.

But when you’re one of the leading gubernatorial candidates for the 2010 Oregon election, your number of followers could be an interesting indicator of your understanding of the power of social media—and your connection with the demographic that uses those tools.

Read More

Startup, open source, and/or independent tech folks: Enlighten the City of Portland and Portland Development Commission (PDC) about your world. Please?

Now thanks to a new survey from the Portland Development Commission PDC about the software industry in Portland we all have a chance to yell We are here! We are here!

For some reason, as I write this, my mind drifts to Horton Hears a Who! You know, where Horton the elephant finds an entire city of people who are invisible to the naked eye? And he knows that they are there—and will do anything to protect them—but no one else believes that they are there?

You see, Horton’s predicament is somewhat akin to the situation we’ve got with startups, independents, and open source types here in Portland. With the tech community that flies below the radar. They’re here. They exist. But they’re more obscured from view then they should be. Now—thanks to a new survey from the Portland Development Commission (PDC) about the software industry in Portland—we all have a chance to yell “We are here! We are here!” So I’d like to ask—and maybe plead—that you take a few minutes to do so. Read More

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