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REMINDER: Discuss the PortlandOnline design contest with the City of Portland tonight at City Hall

[HTML3]If you’ve been even remotely near the Twitter, the Facebook, and the blogs, you’ve no doubt caught wind of the PortlandOnline design contest. It’s become a catalyzing event for the conversation between the City of Portland and the Web and graphic design community—and likely one that will continue to affect discussions between the two for some time to come. And even though it started on the wrong foot, good things appear to be coming of it.

Now, for the first time, the City of Portland is going to sit down in-person with the design community to discuss the issue. And you’re invited. Read More

PortlandOnline design contest redux: City of Portland revises its stance but there’s still more to discuss

[Editor: The following is a guest post by Eric Hillerns who has been helping to lead discussions around the City of Portland’s PortlandOnline design contest with both the City and the design community of Portland. I think it’s an important discussion for both the Web design community and—if the City is to engage more closely with the development and startup community—all of us, so I wanted to keep you up-to-date.]

Following our meeting with the City, AIGA Portland delivered our recommendations for addressing the issues surrounding the PortlandOnline “Challenge.” Since our exchange, the City of Portland has posted a revised challenge. Some suggestions were adopted and others were not. We were well aware that the City would make their own decisions, and we respect the outcomes of their position. Read More