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It's Wednesday! Seems like a good excuse for a Happy Data Hour with Keen IO

As a community, we don’t get together as much as we used to. Back in the old days. And I’d like to work on changing that. Because I miss you. Here’s a good excuse. Our friends from Keen IO are in town. And they remember when we used to get the Portland startup community together too. So they’re inviting you all out for a happy hour. A Happy Data Hour. Read More

Continue your holiday season celebrations with the Products and Beers happy hour

Because they don’t want you to experience any sort of lull in merriment between your Thanksgiving festivities and the first holiday parties you’re attending, the folks at Assembly are throwing a happy hour while they’re in town for the Portland Startup Summit. Read More

As our heroes ride off into the sunset, yodeling: Vizify holds a farewell happy hour before heading south

You probably caught the news that Portland startup Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo! And as part of that, the team is being relocated to the Bay Area to be part of the Yahoo! office down there. While it will be sad to see the team go, it will be nice to have some more Portland friendly types down south. Read More

Just in time for the holidays: Happy Data Hour Portland, December 19

I know, I know. You’ve had a rough holiday season of office parties and get togethers and whatnot. But I think you have the fortitude to attend at least one more gathering before the year end. And here’s a great opportunity: Happy Data Hour, Thursday, December 19. Read More

It's like it was made for Portland: APIs & IPAs happy hour, January 24

Portland loves its tech. And Portland loves its craft beers. So why not lump the two of them together for a happy hour? That’s exactly what Singly is doing, this Thursday, with APIs & IPAs Portland. Read More

5 best bets for Portland happy hours, cheap cocktails, and discount drafts

“Times are tough” is the understatement of the year. We get it. Pinch and save. Every penny is important.

And yet, you’re busting your ass to work your day job and then staying up all night to work on your side project. Or you’re out there hustling full time to make your startup dream come true.

You could use a break, if only briefly. But you need it to be as affordable as possible.

Technology can get us there, my friend. And leave it to Portland, the home of more brewpubs per capita, to come up with the very application of that technology to help you out. Happy Hour prices, here we come. Read More

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