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There is another: Publicly traded Mike Merrill asks shareholders to guide Jackson Gariety's promising future

File under “I can’t make this shit up.” So you know Mike Merrill, right? He’s a—potentially the only—publicly traded person. He has shareholders who vote on decisions that help him guide his life. Yes, it’s awesome. And it’s very Portland. And now? It may get a little more Portlandy. If shareholders approve his proposal. Read More

Reassessing your launch strategy? Jackson Gariety provides some food for thought

It seems almost trite now. For the last few years, launching products—or the promise of products—has been a series of: 1) Get a tech blog to cover it, 2) Hope it hits Hacker News or Techmeme, 3) ????, and of course 4) Profit! So it’s always nice to see young Portland entrepreneurs like Jackson Gariety re-evaluating this process. Read More

Typical hackathons a little too social for your blood? Embrace being an introvert and Hackalone

Maybe it’s the growing popularity of books like Quiet. Or maybe it’s just the over socialization of our online lives. But sometimes, it seems that even the geekiest of hackathons can get a little too, well, social. What if you just want to fly solo? Introducing Hackalone. Read More