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Thinking about lunch? Don't forget Jama Software is buying on Wednesday as Portland Lunch 2.0 returns

I’m really happy to see the response to the return of Portland Lunch 2.0. Lots of companies wanting to sponsor. Lots of people wanting to attend. Lots of Portland types getting to meet one another. Which all in all equals a whole lot of awesome. Read More

It's Halloween. What better day to bring Portland Lunch 2.0 and Portland on Fire back from the dead?

So I’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately. And I’m not alone. The Portland startup scene has grown quite a bit in the past few years. New people have moved to town. New startups have sprung up. Existing startups have gotten bigger. Read More

Reminder: Lunch 2.0 with Portland’s Broadband Planners is Wednesday

I have to say I’m stunned that only 30-some people have RSVP’ed for Lunch 2.0 on Wednesday with the Office of Cable Communications & Franchise Management.

It must be the beautiful weather that’s distracting you or work or something else. No worries. That’s why a friendly reminder always precedes these events.

Consider yourself reminded.

Read More

REMINDER: Portland Lunch 2.0 hosted by WebVisions today at the Oregon Convention Center

If you’ve never been to a Portland Lunch 2.0, now would be a good time to start. If you’ve been to a bunch of Portland Lunch 2.0 gatherings, this one will be completely different.

I mean, sure, a lot of the same gang will be there. Which will be great. And you’ll have some interesting conversations and some “Hey! I haven’t seen you forever!” encounters. And of course, you’ll also get free grub while you chat.

But this time around, thanks to the cool folks at WebVisions, we’ll be gathering in the middle of a conference in the Oregon Convention Center. That’s a first. Read More

There’s no such thing as a free… Wait. Shoot. Free WebVisions and a free lunch?

We’re getting awfully close to WebVisions, the premier Web conference that has graced Portland, Oregon, for nearly a decade by bringing incredible Web thinkers, designers, and developers to discuss their craft. It’s such an amazing show, I can’t imagine not paying for it.

But that’s me. I’m not lucky like these folks: the winners of the Silicon Florist WebVisions raffle. Read More