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Get an early start on 2016 by getting excited for Portland Startup Week, February 1-5, 2016

I know, I know. You’re still stressing about getting everything done for 2015. But guess what? 2016 is a whole bundle of startup stress just waiting to happen. That’s why I’m happy to give you a chance to celebrate, hang out with your peers, and blow off some steam. All you have to do is survive a month. Well and a week. If you want to participate. Read More

Nice to have KGW swing by Portland Startup Week at Quick Left

I don’t know what it is. It’s probably just that I’m old. But there’s something about seeing something in print or on TV or hearing it on radio that makes it, well, more real. Possibly because you realize that it’s now kind of moved from something niche to something for the general public. So it was really nice to see Quick Left and Portland Startup Week getting a little love from KGW, this evening. Read More

Moving beyond typical tech talks: Portland Startup Week explores a variety of startups and discussions

It’s getting close now. Just a few days and we’ll soon be basking in Portland Startup Week, more than a week of interesting events focused on startups and entrepreneurs. But it’s designed to be a week for anyone and everyone. That’s why you’ll notice some of the programming and participants stepping beyond typical tech homogeneity. Read More

Given that Portland Startup Week officially starts on February 2, Groundhog Day seemed an appropriate theme

When Oregon native Andrew Hyde and I originally started chatting about Portland having its very own Startup Week—the concept that he, the Startup Weekend creator, had dreamed up to help towns celebrate their startup scenes—I was already toying with a few ideas. When he suggested that the launch date should be Groundhog Day, it was settled. Read More

The Patriots and the Seahawks won't be the only ones busy on Super Bowl weekend: Sports Hack Day Portland

Like many industries, the world of sports is full of awesome data and tons of ways to rethink the way a user experiences the product. That’s why this Super Bowl weekend a bunch of Portland technology types are going to get together to hack around—and maybe tune into the big game. Read More

Portland Startup Week: It's like Design Week Portland but with even more startup awesomeness

It’s no secret that Portland loves its Startup Weekends. (In fact, there’s another one coming up November 14-16.) But sometimes, a weekend is a little too short. Okay. Who am I kidding? Weekends are always too short. That’s why I’m happy to announce that we’ve been working behind the scenes to put together Portland Startup Week. Read More

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