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Regional office region: Apple ups its Portland ante and Square takes out significant square footage

There’s an argument that headquarters define the viability of a business community. And Portland has done okay in that regard. But I always felt that we could adjust the conversation. To promote the viability of a community by the regional offices it hosted. I mean, one of our largest employers is a regional office. So it what if we focused on that? Playing to our strengthens, as it were.

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Regional office watch: eBay beats Q4 estimates

You’ve heard me talk about the growing prevalence of regional offices as a compelling and growing part of the Portland startup community. To date, many of these offices — which often rival or fully eclipse (Intel) full fledged Portland companies in size — have played the role of employers, event hosts, and sponsors for the community, as a whole. And that’s a trend that I hope to see continue.

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Portland continues its quest to become the regional office capital of the world

Now, we all know the big names who have regional offices here. Well, the big name: Intel, whose campuses in Hillsboro contain the largest group of Intel employees, anywhere. And there’s HP and IBM and Synopsys. But a growing number of startup companies are setting up regional offices here, as well. And it shows no signs of slowing. Read More