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What if banking were more Simple?

As if we all weren’t anxious enough. Awaiting the big unveil from the folks at Simple. It seems they’ve got to tease us a bit more with the pending iPhone awesomeness.

So if you’re among the teeming hordes waiting patiently for Simple to launch to the public, maybe you can bide your time with this new video. Read More

Treehouse is moving to Portland with $4.75 million in their pockets… um branches

I had heard that Ryan Carson was well on his way to making Portland, Oregon, his new home. But I guess this confirms it.

TechCrunch is reporting that Ryan’s Treehouse has landed more funding. And they’re now listing their headquarters as Portland. Read More

First, they simplified their office structure. Now, they’ve simplified their name. BankSimple is now Simple.

Not so long ago, BankSimple announced that they had decided to consolidate their New York, San Francisco, and Portland offices, by moving their headquarters to Portland.

Today, they announced another change for the company. They’re no longer BankSimple. Now, they’re simply Simple. Read More

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