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Windows users rejoice: Beer and Blog is raffling off a Sprint 4G card… and it’s not compatible with Macs

You know who you are. You participate in the tech events. You do cool stuff. And you dutifully attend Beer and Blog on a regular basis. But more often than not, when folks starting pulling out their laptops, the glow of little white apples makes you feel like you’re in the minority.

Well, revel in that Window-ness my friend, because you’ve got a chance to win big, this Friday. How, you ask? Well Beer and Blog will be raffling off a brand new Sprint 4G data card and six months of free service—and none of it is compatible with Macintosh. Read More

Calagator documentation sprint this Saturday

CalagatorPortland’s favorite calendar aggregator, Calagator, continues to improve, code sprint after code sprint.

And it’s drawing ever nearer to its 1.0 milestone.

But before Calagator gets there, it’s time for a different kind of sprint, as Audrey Eschright shares:

We’ll be meeting tomorrow starting at 10am at CubeSpace, to kick off the Calagator documentation sprint. I really encourage anyone who has been involved in the development of this project, on any level (including lurking on the mailing list) to stop by, even if you only have an hour or two free. We’ll be working on the Calagator User Guide, and talking about what’s next for the project after we reach our 1.0 milestone.

More details, time, and location for the Calagator documentation sprint can be found, well, on Calagator, of course.

Calagator is an all-volunteer effort to provide a unified calendar for technical communities and user groups in Portland, Oregon. Anyone can contribute information by importing, creating, and editing entries.

For more information, join the mailing list or visit Calagator.