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Multiple Portland startups and tech companies with multiple job openings

When it comes to assessing the health of an ecosystem, startup or otherwise, rather than focusing on the financial aspects — like venture capital or exits — I like to take a look at the metrics of the job market. A bunch of open jobs filling quickly? Healthy. Few jobs or jobs remaining open for long periods of time? Maybe not so healthy.

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If you’re looking for a new gig, it’s Elemental, dear Watson: 10 open jobs at Portland startup Elemental Technologies

If you’re looking for a job with an up-and-coming Portland startup, Elemental Technologies is a really good place to start your search.

The company—which is working to revolutionize video streaming—is also doing a whole ton of hiring. I mean, they’ve got 10 positions open on the Silicon Florist job board, alone. Read More

Dreading work tomorrow? Maybe it’s time to get a new gig at one of these awesome Portland companies

It’s Sunday evening and you’re already dreading Monday. That’s just sad.

You’re intelligent. And you’ve got a ton of experience. Why are you still just wasting away at your current day job? Maybe it’s time to break out and get a new gig. Something new. Something that has you jumping out of bed in the morning. Read More

Need a new gig in the new year? AboutUs, Emerge, Emma, EdZapp, Janrain, and OSU OSL are hiring

It’s a new year. New decade. Time to shake things up a bit. Maybe even look for a new job.

What kind of job, you ask? Well, maybe like an interesting gig at one of these fine Portland establishments.

So dust off that resume. Ready your cover letter writing skills. And take a gander at these available offerings. Read More

Portland tech jobs abound. Find yourself a new gig.

It’s another week, and that means there’s another bevy of awesome Portland tech jobs available for you to peruse.

I mean, if you’re looking for a job in Portland or looking for a new job in Portland, there’s any number of amazing opportunities for you. And if you’re a company looking for talent, the Silicon Florist job and gig board is a great place to start. Read More

Need a job? An intern? A gig? These Portland opportunities might be just the things you’re seeking

It’s Friday. And that means it’s time to take a look at the Silicon Florist job and gig board to see who’s hiring for what.

This week, we’ve got quite a few openings at Merced and Elemental. As well as a new Online Marketing Manager role at Fios. Need an intern? There’s even one of those available on the board. Who knew?

So if you’re looking for a job, take a look. And if you’re looking for talent, take a second to post some details so we can help you find that person. Read More

Seven potential dream jobs await you on the Silicon Florist job and gig board

Time to highlight all of the premium jobs on the Silicon Florist job and gig board. Because if you’re looking for work—or talent—in the Portland startup scene

Well, it’s Friday. Time to highlight all of the premium jobs on the Silicon Florist job and gig board. Because if you’re looking for work—or talent—in the Portland startup scene, it’s an awfully good place to start.

What’s that? You’ve been meaning to post but just haven’t gotten around to it? No worries. See if this motivates you: just use the promo “sfnew” (without the quotes) and you’ll get 20% off any listing. So get to posting a job or a gig or whatever. If you’re looking for work? Well, you can always post for free. Read More

Need work? Six Portland jobs and one gig that could put you to work

Because if you’re looking for a job in Portland in the tech or startup scene, here are a few through which to thumb. All hot and fresh from the new Silicon Florist Job & Gig board.

It’s Friday. And that means many folks are preparing for another weekend of researching jobs and gigs, either in hopes of finding a something new to do or in hopes of gaining more meaningful employment.

If you’re one of those folks. I’ve got a few more dream jobs to add to your list. Because if you’re looking for a job in Portland in the tech or startup scene, we’ve got some interesting options, all hot and fresh from the new Silicon Florist Job & Gig board. Read More

Portland jobs, gigs, and skills for hire: Relaunching the Silicon Florist Job & Gig board

With those two things in mind, it only made sense to resurrect the Silicon Florist Job & Gig board.

[HTML1]One of the signs that the economy is beginning to recover may, strangely enough, be my inbox. What started several months ago as a trickle of “Where would I find an iPhone app developer?” and “Know somebody who could help with this WordPress issue?” and “Do you know anyone who…?” has now become a regular stream of questions from companies looking to hire and contract for talent. More requests, truth be told, than I can manage.

That says two things to me. First, there are a bunch of job and contract opportunities awaiting talented individuals that aren’t being heard or are going unfulfilled. And second, those folks seeking employees or contractors see Silicon Florist as a spot that those candidates are likely to frequent. With those two things in mind, it only made sense to resurrect the Silicon Florist Job & Gig board. Read More

Silicon Florist gig board pricing reduced

[Editor: I apologize for the heavy Silicon-Florist-oriented content this week. Lots of stuff swirling about the site while news has been light. I’m digging around for more stories to get the focus back on you. Have something interesting? Drop me a line or, better yet, add your Silicon Forest startup to my watchlist.]

We’ve lost our lease! Everything must go!

Oh wait. This isn’t one of those posts. But it is about dropping prices.

Given that the Silicon Florist Gig board is all about helping Web startups, boutique development groups, and other companies with Web-tech oriented positions find the talent they need, it makes sense that, well, folks actually feel comfortable using it.

And unfortunately, since the free postings have been exhausted, the board has gone a bit stagnant. Which makes me think that the price to post may have been aggressive, at best, and perhaps oppressive, at worst. So, I’ve decided to drop the prices for posting.

Pricing is now a buck a day: $15 for 15 days. Hopefully, this will pique some interest and lower the pain of posting to the board.

Honestly, I’d just really like to see this work for employers, for jobseekers, and for the Silicon Forest tech community. So I’d love to hear from you. Still too expensive? Not long enough? Think I should givep the dream and just go free? What can I do? Let me know.

Feeling more comfortable with this direction? Please consider posting a gig.


In the comments below, Jason Grigsby asked, albeit in a bit more couth fashion, “What the heck am I getting for my hard-earned cash?”

Great question. As far as overall Silicon Florist exposure goes, the blog’s traffic numbers are always available via Quantcast or Compete. And the RSS feed subscribers are always available via that FeedBurner chiclet up top.

Below, you’ll find details on the specific number of views each job posting received (from most views to least).

  1. Community manager – Evangelist MyStrands (132 views)
  2. Web design freelance (130 views)
  3. Interactive Strategist Wieden+Kennedy (120 views)
  4. Web Application Developer Intrigo (93 views)
  5. Web Developer WeoGeo (87 views)
  6. Web Application Graphic Designer Intrigo (73 views)
  7. Rails Developer Planet Argon (69 views)
  8. Marketing and Sales Intrigo (67 views)
  9. Software Engineer, Level 1 Jive Software (60 views)
  10. Interactive Information Architect Wieden+Kennedy (55 views)
  11. Interactive Senior Designer Wieden+Kennedy (49 views)
  12. QA Engineer Tripwire, Inc. (46 views)
  13. Interactive Traffic Manager Wieden+Kennedy (45 views)
  14. Interactive QA Engineer Wieden+Kennedy (33 views)
  15. Senior Software QA Engineer Jive Software (30 views)
  16. Software Engineer – Library Development – Contract Position Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  17. Senior Optical Design Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  18. Director of Channel Sales Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  19. Director of Pre-Sales Engineering Lightfleet Corporation (15 views)
  20. Senior Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Lightfleet Corporation (14 views)
  21. Senior Staff Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Architect Lightfleet Corporation (13 views)
  22. Senior IC Verification Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (11 views)
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