Strange Love Live + Conferences = Tech Love Live

Yes, yes. I know I go on and on about Strange Love Live. But c’mon. It’s a really good podcast. So good, in fact, that they’ve started taking the show on the road to conferences and events, like Cyborg Camp, BarCamp Portland, and WebVisions.

WebVisions was especially interesting thanks to an “open mic” format, where Cami Kaos spent time interviewing speakers and attendees—all day, every day. The only problem? It was one big stream.

The solution? Like Mugasha does with DJ sets, the Strange Love Live team has sliced and diced the conference stream into digestible chunks. What’s more, they’ve started a new site to house all of this ridiculously awesome content: Tech Love Live.

Just as an example, here’s an interview with David Recordon of the OpenID Foundation.


Amazing right? So good. And there’s a ton of other stuff just as good as that. Plan to take a couple of hours and spend some time combing through Tech Love Live.