Who killed social media? Ask these folks

Portland-based NEMO Design, in conjunction with Group y, brought a bunch of marketing folks together to listen to a panel of social media savvy folks, including Dave Allen, Lee Crane, Matt Savarino, James Todd, and Tony Welch all moderated by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

[HTML3]Last week, Portland-based NEMO Design, in conjunction with Group y, brought a bunch of marketing folks together to listen to a panel of social media savvy folks, including Dave Allen, Lee Crane, Matt Savarino, James Todd, and Tony Welch—all moderated by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

With a great group of opinionated speakers, the lively conversation jumped from topic to topic. And even though it got a little derailed by an SEO-focused comment and perhaps a little too much “Twine, drink!” it provided a great deal of insight for the “marketing savvy but potentially social media uninitiated” folks in attendance.

So, who killed social media? Like the seemingly unanswerable “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” the world may never know. But here’s what folks had to say.

Who killed social media?


Social Cache: SEO and SEM Will Be Dead As You Know it in 6 Months

“We had a very lively discussion based around my belief that the term ‘Social Media’ is best left for marketers to use as they mistakenly consider social media a sales ‘channel.’ I prefer to think about the ‘Social Web’ starting with the premise that anyone who opens up a browser is participating in it. It is no longer about platforms such as Facebook or MySpace, it is not about confusing Twitter as a social network, it is about how Reputation Management is now critical and necessary and also how you handle your brand’s ‘Experiential Awareness’ as I call it.” Read more at Social Cache.

AdPulp: Semantics Killed Social Media

“Nemo’s Dave Allen has an answer. Sort of. Allen makes a semantic distinction between “Social Media” and “the Social Web.” He sees Social Media as just another push mechanism for marketers, whereas the Social Web is about life, peoples’ interests and what they’re busy doing day to day. In other words, the Social Web is about us, not them.” Read more at AdPulp.

Frostyland: Who killed social media?

“The standard corporate strategy for the web up until now has been build a slick and well designed website, and then pour money into SEO, SEM, banner and print ads, etc. to drive traffic to that website you just spent all that money building. Who cares what kind of traffic it is, as long as the traffic numbers continue to go up. I know, since I’m guilty of this. The corporate website is where you use to hold court on your brand. But the social web has come along and changed this.” Read more at Frostyland.

Hazelnut Tech Talk: Who Killed Social Media? Reputation, Community Management, and the Future of Branding

“On Thursday, June 4th, 2009, members of the Portland Advertising, Tech, PR and Social Media community gathered to watch a panel event called “Who Killed Social Media?”. It was moderated by Marshall Kirkpatrick @marshallk, VP of Read Write Web, and one of the most prolific and RSS-informed people in the technosocial universe. The panel was a partnership between Portland’s Nemo Design (who graciously provided beer and a nice meeting space), and Group Y Network.” Read more at Hazelnut Tech Talk.

Lee Crane: Who killed social media?

“I was going to write it up but luckily for me (and the rest of the panel), Portland-based Cyborg Anthropologist and social media consultant Amber Case got it all down for Hazelnut Tech Talk. If I had someone as talented as Amber cleaning up all my panel comments I’d likely be invited back more often.” Read more at Lee Crane.

iheartsnow: Is Social Media really Social? …and what is Social Web? Here’s what i learned.

“On Thursday, June 4, 2009 i got in the car with evo Snowboard Buyer Gorio Bustamante, Team Manager Chris Shalbot and friend Chris Dickerson and headed to PDX for a GroupY Panel Discussion on Social Web & Social Media, titled “Who Killed Social Media”. Being from the area, i was excited to head to my stomping grounds, maybe make a pitstop at the Salomon/Bonfire offices and if we’re lucky run into Mae and George from US Outdoor. In the end we managed to pull it all off… it was a nice Thursday.” Read more at iheartsnow.

Social Search Marketer: Social media kills SEO

“Last night I had the pleasure of attending “Who Killed Social Media” put on by Nemo and Group Y. I’m going to pick on one comment that Tony Welch, Social Media Guru at HP made. And that is ‘SEO and SEM as we know it will be dead in 6 months.’ Now here at Anvil we focus on comprehensive online marketing strategies for client which includes both SEO, Social Media and then some other things irrelevant to this discussion. See our real website if you really want to know what all we do.” Read more at Social Search Marketer.

Origin Whistler: Who killed Social Media? panelists murder it

“While the discussion starts slow and one of the guys will annoy you endlessly (you’ll figure it out), the end result is an awesome back-and-forth that is worth the time put in. If you’re in a rush, fast forward to the 23rd minute and skip a bunch of the warm-up.” Read more at Origin Whistler.

What’s next?

All in all, this was a great event. And it’s incredibly encouraging to see shops like NEMO working to bridge the creative—both graphic design and technical creativity—and the traditional marketing communities.

Here’s hoping this is the first of many events of this ilk.


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