Webtrends, Radian6, Salesforce start seeing each other socially

Since they just signed a deal that has them working with Radian6 and Salesforce to incorporate Webtrends analytics for social media monitoring.

[HTML2]Long absent from the burgeoning Portland Web scene, our friends over at Webtrends have come back with a vengeance. They were quintessential to the success of Open Source Bridge, from sponsoring the event to hosting volunteer meetings to co-hosting Portland Lunch 2.0 to providing an adult beverage friendly venue for the after party. They’ve become a gracious host for events like CloudCamp PDX and WordCamp Portland. And, of course, they hired Justin Kistner, founder of Beer and Blog.

Given all they do, it’s really nice to get to share some of their good news here. And now, I’ll do that. Since they just signed a deal that has them working with Radian6 and Salesforce to incorporate Webtrends analytics for social media monitoring.

So what does the integration mean for Webtrends? I’m glad you asked.

Ok, now let’s talk about the Webtrends integration. Radian6 is now able to pull in our Analytics reports using Webtrends Open Exchange API. So, let’s say you got a referring URL on your report that shows a site sent you a flood of traffic, but that traffic didn’t convert into one of your goals. Figuring out why is a time intensive manual job. Using these new integrations, you could be browsing your referrers as a River of News and discover that the site was a customer complaint and then enter it as a case for Support to follow up with all from within the Social Measurement environment. Total time saver.

Radian6 seems pretty excited about the whole set up, as well.

By layering the richness of social media metrics atop referrer web analytic data, brands can see – independent of media type or source – not just what content is generating buzz across the web, but what content is generating website traffic, conversions, and sales. And with new integration for the SalesForce.com service cloud, Radian6 users can see at a glance which content is coming from their customers and prospects, and add new contacts, cases and leads with a single click.

No doubt—especially with the growing prevalence of social media and social networking in our everyday business lives—this kind of tracking and analysis will become increasingly critical to every business. Much in the same way that tracking Web traffic was important in the ’90s. And Webtrends may know a thing or two about that.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. And it will be incredibly cool to have a Portland-based company on the cutting edge of this new analytical pursuit.

For more information on this partnership, see the Webtrends blog post on the Radian6 and Salesforce announcement.


  1. Hi Rick,

    Thanks so much for covering our announcements this week.We’re definitely thrilled to be working with WebTrends and to tap the potential of layering web analytics and social media metrics atop one another. We think it’s bringing us a step closer to understanding true social media ROI, and we know the WebTrends team does too.

    Thanks so much!

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

  2. How psyched we are to do CloudCamp at WebTrends this coming Tuesday night. Thanks, WebTrends. 🙂

  3. Rick,

    As the CEO of Webtrends I would like to thank you for the coverage as well as to extend my appreciation to the web community in Portland (indeed, globally) for such outstanding support.

    As a long-term native of Portland and a product of our school system, I personally feel a strong civic responsibility to make Webtrends the great company that it once was, so that the people of Portland and especially the employees of Webtrends can stand strong and proud in the broader technology community.

    We are making great progress. It’s fun and we want others to join in the fun with us!

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